Beaches of Fornillo, Arienzo, Spiaggia grande e Laurito


Map of Positano beach

Spiaggia grande

In Positano you access to the beach along the pedestrian road from Piazza dei Mulini and down to the sea through the village and along the way offering colorful "patches" of Positano, typical pottery of the Amalfi Coast, restaurants, bars and more. Surely theSpiaggia Grande whole is very touristy, but it is no daubbio to appreciate and photograph for a nice memory. He walked across the road, just after the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano will open the view to the Great Beach, so named because it put into proportion with the country is really big, in fact, extends for almost 400 meters long and about 70 meters in width. Admiring the sea on the right is the small harbor where hydrofoils and ferries to transport by sea from Positano and at the end of the beach on the left is the Lido L'Incanto. Much of the beach stretching to the left looking at the sea is in management and you need to pay admission to take advantage of beach chairs and umbrella. The part on the right is under management to private companies of transport by sea in Positano. The only free zone to relax a bit 'in the sun is the central part, always very crowded in the months of July and August. The beach is mainly made up of medium-sized pebbles, while the central portion that runs along the street where there are shops and restaurants is formed from non-thin dark sand, but medium-grained. In high season it is best to go early in the morning or late evening to avoid the chaos of tourists who invade the free beach, while in low season is really nice to spend a few hours in the sun and read a good book or simply listen to the sound of the sea. On the road that runs along the Great Beach there are plenty of services for tourists,

Marina Grande is the most comfortable beach, right in front of the town center and about 300 meters long. There are several beach resorts of good standard and also a small public beach. From here, the boat excursions to Capri, Amalfi, the Emerald Cave and all area attractions


Along the road that runs along the sea that develops near the port of Positano in just 10.5 minutes of pleasant walk you get to the Piaggia di FornilloFornillo Beach, again not missing the offer of restaurants and establishments that line the entire beach, free zone is unfounded, after going through all establishments. The Fornillo beach is smaller than that of Positano, nearly 300 meters long and wide in the larger point about 20 meters. The latter is also is made up of medium-sized pebbles, always very clean and with a beautiful clear sea.

Then we have the Fornillo Beach, considered the true jewel of Positano. Famous throughout the world, this beach, much more secluded than the beach Grande but also less sandy, is easily accessible through a flight of stairs. In addition, it is much cheaper than the Spiaggia Grande and is still equipped.

Arienzo and Laurito

The beach of Arienzo, however, well known for its 300 steps stuck an a fairytale landscape of the most luxurious villas, facesArienzo beach and relax south-west and the sun remains here until late. To achieve these two beaches by car after passing the center of Positano continue towards Amalfi, Hotel San Pietro start at the stairs to Laurito, while 800 meters after those for Arienzo. The two locations are connected with a straight car parks.

Path from Spiaggia Grande to Fornillo

Path from spiaggia grande to Fornillo


Cheap Restaurants

Ristorante da Costantino Tel 089875738

Hotel Ristorante da Pupetto a Fornillo Tel. 089 875087

Ristorante da Ferdinando in Fornillo Beach Tel 089 875365


Hostel Brikette Via G. Marconi, 358 Positano 84017

Information office

Azienda autonoma Soggiorno e turismo

Via del Saracino 4 Positano 84017 (Salerno). Tel. 089 875067

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