Path of the gods from Nocelle to Bomerano in Agerola | walk the Amalfi coast | shopping in the streets of Positano

Il Sentiero degli Dei

From Bomerano to Nocelle

The path of the Gods


The Path of the Gods is a very attractive route that runs from Bomerano, fraction of Agerola, up to Nocelle, fraction of Positano. The route runs between the Amalfi coast and Sorrento, almost entirely downhill, with splendid panoramas and views as well as many ancient ruins. More from Praiano you can visit the convent of San Domenico, and arrived at Nocelle, after half an hour, you can reach easily to Positano

Walking through the alleys

The Positano streets create a charming path, a labyrinth that winds in height, where to find the vitality of so many shops, a continual coming and going between the center of the village and the many ramifications, to the beach.

Positano streets and shops

There are many opportunities for shopping, and it is no coincidence that there are many boutiques and tailor shops in Positano: handmade sandals, Capri style clothes, bathing suits decorated

Cheap Restaurants

Ristorante da Costantino Tel 089875738

Hotel Ristorante da Pupetto a Fornillo Tel. 089 875087

Ristorante da Ferdinando in Fornillo Beach Tel 089 875365


Hostel Brikette Via G. Marconi, 358 Positano 84017

Information office

Azienda autonoma Soggiorno e turismo

Via del Saracino 4 Positano 84017 (Salerno). Tel. 089 875067

Position of Positano